How to try on lingerie bought online?

Online stores offer us an infinite number of products, thus outclassing stationary shopping. Within 30 minutes, we can visit dozens of websites, browsing only the products that interest us. This gives us a huge range of possibilities and saves time. We can return almost everything we buy online. Also underwear!

We all realize that underwear is the most intimate part of our wardrobe and the return policy in most stores is very restrictive in this regard. Because who among us would like to buy dirty underwear, even on sale? And so...

How to try on underwear bought online?

Let's start with bras and garter belts. It seems quite simple, what could be done wrong? If you don't use coloring creams and bronzers, you don't have to worry. However, if your body is currently covered with make-up cosmetics, there is a high risk of getting it dirty. And as I wrote earlier - returned underwear is carefully checked in this respect. It's better to wait, take a bath or shower and only then try on your purchase.

The biggest problem is trying on panties. How to do it to maintain complete hygiene? There is a very simple solution to this - beige thongs or panties. Nude underwear will allow you to freely try on the product, its color will not interfere with your assessment of the new set, and if you don't like the product, you can easily return or exchange it. However, if you don't have nude underwear at home, use any other. Never try on panties on your naked body. Even during a fitting of just a few seconds, you can get it dirty, and most importantly - it is unhygienic. Always act in the name of the principle "don't do to others what you don't want done to you" ;)

And remember, clean hands and clean surfaces on which you put the underwear taken out of the box are also essential.

What looks like the return procedure in SI Lingerie?

When we receive a return shipment, we carefully inspect each item of underwear. In addition, we check its smell. Yes! In our nine-year career, there have been cases of attaching labels to washed underwear. We do not compromise on this matter, the product cannot differ from its condition at the time of receipt. Why? The answer is simple - underwear is the most intimate part of your wardrobe. Once we have completed this stage, we proceed to steam disinfection. This is the best and safest way to refresh, so that the next customer can enjoy the product without worries.

I hope this post will help you convince yourself to buy lingerie online. This topic is rarely discussed, sometimes becoming taboo. Having worked in the industry for so many years, I know perfectly well what dilemmas you face. If this entry dispels the doubts of at least one of you, it will be a success for me!

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