How to measure yourself correctly?

Taking measurements is sometimes a big challenge, but necessary when shopping online. How to do it correctly? How to measure bust, waist and hip circumference? Where should the centimeter be? How to properly compare circumferences with the size chart? I'm in a hurry to answer! In this guide, I will help you measure yourself in the right way and advise you what to pay attention to when choosing a specific cut of underwear.

How to measure yourself correctly?

It's best to take measurements only in underwear, wear a soft bra without underwires or fillings. This way you will avoid taking an incorrect measurement. It's best if another person helps you measure. Stand straight and breathe freely. Don't stick out your chest or pull in your belly. The centimeter should not squeeze the body tightly.

Measure the bust circumference at the widest part of the breast, preferably wearing a soft bra. Most often it is the nipple line. The centimeter should adhere very gently to the body. Be careful not to squeeze your breasts when taking the measurement. Measure the underbust circumference just below the breast line. Measure your waist circumference at the narrowest point of your abdomen, at the end of your ribs. Most often it is just above the navel. Measure your hip circumference at the widest part of your hips, where your buttocks stick out the most.

Below you will see where exactly the above-mentioned measurement places are located.

Choosing the size of panties - which circumference should you choose?

When choosing classic (standard-rise) panties, consider the hip circumference. If you are planning to buy high-waisted panties, choose the size according to your waist circumference.

Choosing the size of a garter belt - which circumference should you choose?

Our belts are designed to be worn around the waist, so choose the appropriate size based on this circumference. However, if you want to wear the belt lower - on your hip bones - choose a larger size.

Choosing the size of a corset - how to make it easier to choose the perfect one?

We have created an extensive sizing guide for corsets so that the product can be perfectly fitted. The first letter of the size is the size of the upper part, i.e. the bra. The second letter is the size of the bottom part. First, measure your waist circumference and underbust circumference, and then find the sector in the table with the appropriate size of the lower part. Finally, adjust the cup, i.e. the first size, by measuring the bust circumference.

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